Jupiter is one of the reasons our test scores are the highest in the state.
— Clark Trowell
Rancho Pico Jr. High, CA
No D’s or F’s for the first time in 12 years!
— Allison Castner
Faith Baptist Schools, CA
Please place my student in a class where the teacher uses Jupiter.
— Parent request
Sinaloa Middle School, CA
Wow!! The maker of this had to have been a teacher!
— Teresa Burgess
O’Leary JHS, ID
We are blown away.
— Steven Rubenstein
Beverly Hills Unified, CA
I have never worked with a better company or program.
— Dee Sillanpaa
Queen Creek Unified, AZ
All teachers agree Jupiter is far more user-friendly and valuable.
— Elijah Mackey
Frank D. Parent K-8 School, CA
Of all the systems we use, Jupiter is my favorite!
— Teague Tubach
Charter School of Morgan Hill, CA
I wish all software developers were as responsive!
— Zane Quible
Oklahoma State University, OK
Jupiter is now used in 50 states for 4.4 million students!
Improved Student Performance

No D’s or F’s for the first time in 12 years! Positive results directly related to Jupiter. Wow!
Allison Castner
Faith Baptist Schools, CA

One of most effective teaching tools for improving my students retention for both content and skills. I truly appreciate all that Jupiter does.
Kevin O’Shaughnessy
Wells High School, ME

We love your program and what it has done for our district. In fact, Jupiter was the very first item of this years’ “successes”!
Dee Sillanpaa
Queen Creek Unified, AZ

This has streamlined grading significantly, and I even find my students write more extensively using Jupiter than they do by hand.
Daniel Clark
Grand Blanc High School, MI

I’m loving the discussion forums. I’m amazed how many students commented at length about an interesting article. (They weren’t required to read or comment.) This is great!
Steven Rubenstein
Beverly Hills Unified, CA

In this very tight economy, we are cutting everywhere, but my principal said that Jupiter was at the top of the list of priorities to keep.
Linda Jones
Chestnut Grove Middle School, NC

This program is a revolution! It is inspiring my students to be more responsible and take a more active roll in their academic success!
Heather Cox
Warner Middle School, CA

The feedback that Jupiter is giving my students is having a tremendous effect on their study habits and their grades. Without Jupiter, our students’ achievement would suffer.
Gina Lacava
Roosevelt High School, IL

With Jupiter I’ve gotten raging praise—both the parents and the students like it, and they feel that they can take positive action to improve their grades and performance.
Laura Dominguez-Yon
Cupertino High School, CA

This is awesome! I love it and so do the students. It’s a great way to put the responsibility of grades back into the hands of the students and parents. There really is no excuse for them now of not knowing how they are doing. Thanks!
Jack Dandridge
Stacey Middle School, CA

I love Jupiter. It’s worked wonders for improving student progress and increasing communication.
Marianthi Karavitis
Bronx High School of Science, NY

The students are so encouraged after seeing how each assignment is affecting their grade, because they see that their grades are in their control.
Joy Schmoll
Howard Area Leadership Academy, IL

This has revolutionized how I teach my high school statistics course.
Robert Ahdoot
New Community Jewish High School, CA

The text-to-speech is a godsend for many of our students with IEPs.
Susan Prusator
Dakota Jr. Sr. High School, IL

Through the use of Jupiter, we have saved countless students from dropping out.
Jay Ober
Management Resources College, FL

Easy to Use

The program is VERY user-friendly so even those teachers who don’t catch on to new technologies very quickly could also use it. Thanks for thinking about what teachers REALLY need.
Joe Kleine
Wright City Middle School, MO

Half of our teachers are afraid to use technology, but it was not difficult for me to convince them to use Jupiter because everything is so simple.
Catherine Fuerte
Holy Angels School, CA

This is the first product that has been immediately embraced by other teachers. It is possibly the best and easiest web-based test creator I’ve seen. Congratulations.
Daniel Greenhalgh
Benton County School of the Arts HS, AR

This is the first experience with a grade book where every teacher thinks it’s a good thing.
Barb Schaeflein
Independence Jr. High, IL

Jupiter is so easy for teachers to grasp and they quickly recognize the benefits.
Esther Enriquez
Gilbert Public Schools, AZ

When our staff who are not especially tech-literate remark on how wonderfully responsive Jupiter has been, and even sometimes how it has resulted in feature enhancements, well, that says it all.
Russ Lipton
The Oaks Classical Christian Academy, WA

Jupiter has simplified our teachers’ lives, and it has revolutionized grading. Data entry goes quickly, with minimal training. The exports are powerful and game-changing; it has redefined the way we approach data to see the bigger picture.
Mark Cheng
Democracy Prep Public Schools, NY, DC, LA

Teachers like the ease of use and the intuitive nature of the program. This must have been designed by a teacher. Thanks—you have made my life easier.
Ace Marcellus
O’Leary JHS, ID

Your system is nothing short of amazing! I can’t think of any other tool that made grading so easy and intuitive. Most importantly, the teachers love it. Thank you so much for Jupiter.
Adam Seldow
Harvard University, MA

Your app is such a breeze to use. I was up and running in less than half an hour.
Shannon Greaves
Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth

I love it. It is so user-friendly. Yours is the only teacher web app I have not had any difficulty with.
Treva Tiberghien
Crescent High School, SC

We were amazed at how well thought out and easy this program is for teachers to use. Whoever was the mastermind behind this program definitely gets an A+ for creativity. I absolutely love it. I received a lot of positive feedback from parents and students.
Jason C. Jones
Nativity BVM Catholic High School, PA

I’m loving all the math tools — It’s excellent.
Heather Ruelas
Lake Elsinore Unified, CA

The math tool is phenomenal.
Daniel Freedman
Alameda Community Learning Center, CA

WOW!! The maker of this had to have been a teacher!
Teresa Burgess
O’Leary JHS, ID

Save Time

I spend about half as much time putting grades in as with the program I used last year. I have more time for the important stuff. Thank you.
Nikki Jones
Lafayette High School, MO

Jupiter is a million times easier, faster, and smoother than the system my university uses. I am able to do more long-answer questions to increase the rigor of my courses, while still reducing the time I spend grading!
Dr. Stephanie Daugherty
University of Texas at Tyler

WOW! This will revolutionize my writing curriculum and (I hope) at long last speed up the time to correct papers.
Kathleen Hollenbeck
St. Joseph School, RI

This is my favorite technological advance since the LCD projector. Dare I say it makes grading a bit more of a pleasure?
Julie Goler
Beverly Hills Unified, CA

Jupiter cuts down the time on some jobs that used to take hours to a fraction of that time. It is by far the best tool I use for my classroom.
Lee Van Cauwenberghe
Stanley Knowles School, MB

Awesome. Before, it took me days to grade paper exams. Now it only takes a couple hours. My family thanks you.
Valerie Lovely
Berklee College of Music, MA

I absolutely LOVE the mobile app. I enter attendance on my iPhone and sometimes give extra credit while walking around the classroom. It’s such a time saver.
Michał Nowicki
Waipahu High School, HI

I love Jupiter. It allows me to focus more on student learning.
Brian Theisen
Rock Springs Middle School, TN

With Jupiter I can do my job better by working smarter. I can target where my students need help and not waste time with concepts they already understand. So powerful!
Kim Eisenhart
Rescue Union School District, CA

School-To-Home Communications

The communication between students, parents and teachers is one of the reasons why our test scores are the highest in the state.
Clark Trowell
Rancho Pico Jr. High, CA

Our parents love it and they are more involved in their children’s progress. They communicate with the teacher right away when they see problems. Also there are less complaints because they see everything.
Catherine Fuerte
Holy Angels School, CA

When I had progress reports last week, not ONE parent had any complaints or surprises, because they had been logging on to see their child’s grades.
Kathleen Long
Lehigh Valley Lutheran School, PA

An incoming parent requested, "Please place my student in a class where the teacher uses Jupiter."
Sinaloa Middle School, CA

Parents are always aware of their kids’ standing in the class at all times and work gets turned in without ever having to make a call or send an email home. It is INVALUABLE!!!
Lee Van Cauwenberghe
Stanley Knowles School, MB

Parents of my students love the system—they have been bugging other teachers to get it.
Frank Carbajal
Fairfield High School, CA

Thank you for making communication with parents a breeze! What a great way to keep parents informed, challenge students to stay caught up, and help teachers focus on teaching instead of bookkeeping. Super!
Glenn Kory
Creekside Middle School, CA

My parents and students love it just as much as I do!
Julie Donick
Saline Middle School, MI

As a parent who likes to stay on top of how my child is doing, I have to say Jupiter is awesome! Why wouldn’t every school board REQUIRE Jupiter?
Wolfson High School, FL

Students Love It

I love this program because I can easily show my parents my grades without them having to speak with my teachers.
Tanistli, 8th grade student
Johnson Middle School, CA

This is the best place to get your grades, even though I do have a D in reading/literature.
Janette, 8th grade student
Golden Valley Middle School, CA

I love it. I get to see how I am doing in all of my classes. I am so excited!!!
Nicole, 8th grade student
Saline Middle School, MI

I love Jupiter. It makes doing homework so much easier!
Chas, 8th grade student
Saline Middle School, MI

Jupiter is the best thing because if I have work that is late I can just look on Jupiter.
Paige, 7th grade student
Saline Middle School, MI

We love Jupiter. My students want me to tell the whole school about it.
Melizza Lozano
Sweetwater Union HSD, CA

I now have to chase kids off of Jupiter instead of YouTube when I’m trying to get them to work on a particular math website! A nice problem to have.
Jacqueline A. Pisauro
Medina Middle School, OH

Technical Support

Jupiter consistently has the most responsive and receptive tech support of any tech company I deal with.
David Hollander
Williamsburg Preparatory HS, NY

"Wow!" You guys are not only great, but fast! One of the biggest benefits of Jupiter is the EXCELLENT customer service!!
Melissa Mano
Kalaheo High School, HI

You actually fix minor issues quickly, give customers feedback, and listen to the customer to make your product/services better. I applaud your company’s commitment to Ed Tech.
Justin Hall
Rancho Cucamonga Middle School, CA

Jupiter support staff have set the standard for what I now expect from service. All other companies pale in comparison.
Luther Phillips
iSchool Lewisville STEM Academy, TX

This incredible level of customer service (combined with an amazing, easy to use product) is why I love Jupiter.
Mike Harms
Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School, CA

Wow, you guys rock! This is the best tech support I have ever received from any company — so timely, professional, and even personal.
Eric Haney
Great Hearts Charter Schools, AZ

Thank you so much for your prompt attention! This only makes me love Jupiter more.
Jen Clapp
Malden High School, MA

Your tech support is the quickest in the world! You run an amazing company!
Meir Muller
Columbia Jewish Day School, SC

Thanks for the prompt and personal service. It’s very refreshing in this day and age!
Andrea Keith
Rooks Creek Grade School, IL

Your technical response is the best I’ve ever dealt with. Kudos to you!
Julene Hall
O’Leary JHS, ID

I have never worked with a better company or program.
Dee Sillanpaa
Queen Creek Unified, AZ

Our schools have been impressed so much with Jupiter. The response time from your team is just phenomenal.
Martha Ban
Adventist Schools, US

Compared to Other Systems

Truth: Jupiter is so much faster for me and easier for the kids. I gave up on Google Classroom.
Katherine Sheets
La Mesa-Spring Valley School District, CA

The teachers ALL appreciate how intuitive Jupiter is. PowerSchool literally takes twice as many steps to enter grades, and you are constantly switching from keyboard to mouse. With Jupiter, the teachers rarely came to me [for support] since it is so user-friendly.
Randy Clark
Academy of Waterford, MI

Jupiter is a far more efficient and comprehensive student management system than Skedula (IO Classroom). I love it and you have an amazing and complete range of features.
Luna Ramirez
Information Technology High School, NY

Your platform is more intuitive and quicker than Google Classroom!
Lisa Hadley-Hill
Windsor High School, CA

Our schools are commenting consistently on how much easier Jupiter is to work with compared with FACTS/Renweb.
Carol Tilstra Nash
Northern California Adventists

The user-friendliness of Jupiter is simply unparalleled. Our district required us to use PowerSchool last year—teachers almost quit over it. I thank you! My teachers thank you!
Thomas Beyer
Great Hearts Charter, TX

Far and away the best grading tool I have EVER used. Setup is more intuitive than any other web app; entering grades is very quick. It is clear, intuitive, and extremely useful for parents and students.
Paul Jolly
Windsor High School, CA

I’ve tried countless other systems and nothing compares. Jupiter is a slam dunk. It balances rigorous, open-ended assessment with efficiency and ease for the teacher.
Michael Harms
Katherine Delmar Burke School, CA

I did some research and explored the features of some half-dozen or more programs. Jupiter was easily the most attractive, combining practical features with ease of use.
Glenn Kory
Creekside Middle School, CA

I’ve found Jupiter to be far superior to other programs I’ve used — Google Classroom, Illuminate, Power School, Aeries, LearnBoost, Schoology, etc.
David Swanson
Twelve Bridges Elementary, CA

We previously used a different system, but all teachers agree that Jupiter is far more user-friendly and valuable.
Elijah Mackey
Frank D. Parent K-8 School, CA

This is the best grading program I have ever used! You guys are doing such a great job of implementing our suggestions.
Mark Sylvestre
Gallagher Middle School, RI

The upgrades are awesome. Jupiter is blowing our previous grading software out of the water. Long live Jupiter!
Rachel Brown
Lehigh Valley Academy, PA

Thanks for continuing to improve your product. I wish all software developers were as responsive!
Zane Quible
Oklahoma State University, OK

We are blown away. This addresses everything we needed and then some.
Steven Rubenstein
Beverly Hills Unified, CA

I’m constantly noticing how much easier it is to do things on Jupiter, while my husband is struggling to put his classes online using D2L. You are awesome!
Mary Groeninger
Vermilion Community College, MN

Jupiter is great. It’s clearly programmed better than PowerSchool.
Dan Mash
Summit Academy Charter School, NY

I have to work on other platforms and none is as intuitive, easy, and responsive as Jupiter.
Bradley Butcher
Health Careers Academy, CA

If you’re looking for a streamlined, intuitive and accessible SIS, that provides you with EXTREMELY flexible access to your data, I encourage you to strongly consider Jupiter.
Rick Abare
Democracy Prep Public Schools, NY, DC, LA

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